The Community

What is the Live A Cause Event?

All for All

Step 1

Education for all from all.  

Regardless of team, upline or current upline support.

Growth Rich Content

Step 1

Focus on mindset

 Spiritual, emotional and personal development as a catalyst for growth.

Teach WHAT not HOW

Step 1

Allow an individual's personal strengths and creativity to discover the "How" that suits them best for them to thrive in confidence.

Why is there a EU Live a Cause Event?

Local Family

Secret #1

We started this family to have a place for all, because in the beginning in Europe almost none of us had local upline Leadership

Stage for Rising Leaders

Secret #2

A stage for new EU leaders to grow in confidence and leadership by sharing the stage with top leaders in dōTERRA from all over the world.

New Generations

Secret #3

Place of growth for new generations of leadership through Europe.

Local Inspiration

Secret #1

European rising leaders share their fire and lift other European leaders. Locals inspire locals.

Live a Purpose

Secret #2

It's a place of giving and a place of living a purpose by and for EU Leadership.

Rising Tide 

Secret #3

 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

The founders of the Live a Cause Event

Roger Duce

Emmanuelle Duce

Tjaša Šercer

Justin Lee

Tahna Lee

Rosie Greaney Copp

Adam Copp

Loussanna Koenen

Willem- Paul Koenen